Candidate for the position of First Generation Officer


I am here for you... simply :-)

Hi friends!

I'm Rufeida, a second-year English student with very very high hopes for this network. I'm the current First Generation officer for 2018/19 and I can genuinely say it is one of the biggest and best things I've been involved in this year. I have witnessed it develop from a blank canvas into a living existence with a sense of direction.

I wanted to make this Network a comfortable space people can join regardless of how 'lucky' they feel with all the support they think they've received. Being in this position and having the privilege to meet many people from various backgrounds has been such a humbling experience. I strive to take the experience I've gained from this year to enhance the Network and make it something sustainable, not only for current and incoming students whom I'll personally be working with if I was to be re-elected but also for the person who comes into this role after me.

Being a student rep for two years (or three years if I get reelected) has enabled me to develop relationships with staff members and ideas on how to voice concerns to the college itself to ensure First Generation students feel supported and that their voices are heard.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to get in touch... or if you just want to say 'hi' you're welcome to poke me!  Email me: