Candidate for the position of Vice President Education (Health) (full time, paid)

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Rhiannon OWEN

Welcome to my Manifesto!

My name is Rhiannon Owen and I am a 3rd year BSc Adult Nursing Student. I am the current Chair of the Nightingale Nursing Council, and am well-networked with all health faculties as a result of my existing work. I am directly involved with students as a member of GKT Societies and KCL Sexpression volunteering, and this unique position puts me in the heart of all KCL campuses - to continue improving our university for us all.


  • Ensure that existing library skills services are available and accessible to all healthcare students out on placements.
  • Improve facilities on campus and push for study space, break rooms and common rooms.
  • Diverse and Alternative Careers Fairs, for healthcare students who may go into practice, research, education, study, politics or public health (etc) to ensure they are well informed in career decisions whilst at King’s and as alumni.
  • 24/7 library access across the whole year.


Welfare & Accessibility

  • Mandate accessible campuses, with accessible halls, lectures and seminars.
  • Positively contribute to and invest in KCL mental health services, fighting for quicker access and longer-term support.  
  • Ensure that a good relationship is maintained through students and personal tutors, with formal training that produces approachable, effective and caring PT relationships. 
  • Normalise the narrative that students are not expected to be okay at all times, by ensuring lecture capture is used professionally and consistently, and using attendance monitoring in a non-disciplinary fashion.
  • Fight to reduce waiting times at the King’s College Health Centre and protect the sexual health and wellbeing of students by going live with a Sexual Health and Wellbeing Module alongside the Consent Matters existing material.
  • Refine and streamline the Mitigating Circumstances protocols to assist students that need assessment provision sin what is already a difficult time for them.



  • I support Cut The Rent campaign for student halls and will ensure that accommodation is at affordable prices and maintained to a high standard.
  • To work for financial advice clinics and support specific to students in health sciences degrees (i.e: bursary specific support, reclaiming travel costs, temporary accommodation).
  • Bigger and more easily accessible hardship funds, grants and bursaries.
  • The end of hidden costs: transparency regarding library fines, printing fees, graduation costs, uniforms costs, travel fees and admissions and graduation charges.


Campus Services

  • Continue working with King’s to ensure our campuses are green and eco-friendly.
  • Ensure that library fines are reasonably adjusted and are appropriately invested back into student resources such as the purchasing of books and online journals necessary for study.
  • Support the continued instalments of Gender-Neutral facilities and toilet douches.