Candidate for the position of NUS National Conference Delegate

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Students and Workers Unite and Fight


I am a third year Politics, Philosophy and Law LLB student, who has been supported many of the campaigns at KCL over the last few years, including the UCU strike solidarity campaign and the Fair Pay 4 GTAs Campaign. The student movement has consistently shown itself to be ready to stand up and defend the interests of students and the worst off in our society. The NUS must be a reflection of this, and we must be committed to transforming the NUS into a fighting, socialist union!

  1. Fight for Free Education!
  • Education is one of the most fundamental rights that exists. A society’s treatment of students is an important measure of the state of that society.
  • With students facing ever increasing pressures from the world in which we live, free education would represent a crucial step forward in improving the lives of the worst off in our society.
  • The UK today is home to vast amounts of uninvested wealth which, if used to fund education, would help relieve much of the pressure facing young people today and would make our society a fairer place.
  • The NUS must absolutely oppose the further marketisation of the education system and campaign for a completely free system, untouched by business or the profit motive.


  1. Housing and Health
  • Students across the country are currently being faced with absurd housing prices, extortionate rent and criminal landlords.
  • The NUS must lead the struggle against the financial exploitation and abuse of young people, by putting pressure on the government and running campaigns across the country to highlight and oppose the issue.
  • Similarly, the crisis of health (both mental and physical) among students is worse now than it has ever been.
  • The NUS must be a union willing to combat these issues, both by facilitating individual universities to provide more support and by pressuring the government to take action to improve the living and working conditions of students across the country.


  1. Students and Workers Unite and Fight
  • The last year at KCL has seen a number of workers’ struggles take place on campus.
  • The UCU strike, the Justice for Cleaners Campaign and the Fair Pay 4 GTAs campaign have all received massive student support, which has helped these struggles move forward and achieve some of their goals.
  • Most, if not all students will one day leave university and enter the working world, the NUS has a duty to fight against the casualisation of labour, oppose zero-hours contracts and link up with workers’ struggles to ensure that all students are guaranteed a decent job when they graduate.


  1. Oppression and Exploitation
  • Xenophobia, LGBT-phobia, Sexism, Islamophobia and all forms of hate have no place on campus or in our education system.
  • We must oppose Prevent and other racist government measures, used to divide and oppress students.
  • All students have a right to equal treatment. Universities should provide free childcare, living grants and adequate resources to meet the requirements of all students.
  • The NUS must campaign to protect the needs and rights of all students, irrespective of background, to ensure that universities work for us and not for management.


  1. For a Mass Student Movement
  • The only way that the NUS will be able to make a meaningful difference in our lives, is if it is willing to mobilise students and engage us in its campaigns.
  • Through social media activity, local grassroots organising and planned, national demonstrations, the student movement can grow and develop into a force that could radically change society for the better.
  • The NUS must be bold, radical and willing to fight for the change that we so desperately need and deserve as students!

!! Students and Workers Unite and Fight !!

!! For a Fighting, Socialist NUS !!