Candidate for the position of Vice President Education (Arts & Sciences) (full time, paid)

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Gurbaaz Singh GILL

This is not a drill, vote for Gurbaaz Gill. #GGforVPeas

My name is Gurbaaz Gill. I'm running to be the next Vice President of Education (Arts and Sciences).  I'm running because I want to IGNITE, EMPOWER AND LEAD the student body to push for the finest student experience that King’s can offer and below are motions to convince you that I’m the ONE

I have a strict agenda that I passionately feel about and I would work tirelessly to achieve everything that I’ve proposed. 


Education reform has taken a backseat to the uncertainty that surrounds Brexit negotiation. This not only affects the students but also the university at large, as it puts the funding of the university into doubt. I would do whatever it takes to protect the rights and the interests of the concerned students and the university after Brexit takes place. I aim to initiate dialogue and debate at the highest level and work relentlessly to ensure that the university is represented and an outcome that favors all is achieved. 

Education and Academia: 

The current academic experience at king’s leaves much to be desired. Student satisfaction level, although increasing, is still not where it should be. I aim to tackle this one step at a time so that students feel confident about their education and also about their careers. If elected to power I would: 

  • Push for transparency in examination and coursework marking procedure. 

  • Work towards including an option for a year-in-industry across different courses. 

  • Introduce Module Previews for all optional modules, so that students make the right choices. 

  • Work for the diversification of curriculum to include relevant themes from around the world. 

  • Increase the amount of common, informal study spaces in the Strand campus. 

  • Campaign to increase the amount of contact hours for students especially in the third year of study.

  • Devise a more considerate system of capping of coursework.


Mental Health and well-being: 

Mental health and well-being of all students is a matter of utmost importance. Waiting time for an appointment with a counsellor is up to 10 weeks, which is absolutely unfair for a problem of this magnitude that may have adverse social and academic impacts.  Working to ensure that mental health services are accessible, efficient and beneficial is a prime aspect of my campaign, and to achieve this I would: 

  • Lobby for shorter waiting times to see counsellors. 

  • Introduce proper mental health training for personal tutors. 

  • Promote schemes such as the “Buddy Program” across various faculties to increase peer support.

  • Campaign for minority



There’s no denying that an International hub like London is also insanely expensive. Students have to constantly worry about affording rent and keeping up with expenses, which does take a toll on their education. I aim to make sure that each student at King’s feels supported and empowered and that funding doesn’t ever come in the way of their education. I aim to achieve the following goals in terms of funding: 


  •  Increase the amount of hardship bursaries available to students at all levels. 

  •  Introduce specific bursaries for Students with Families and Mature Students

  • Work for fair pay and better working conditions for Graduate Teaching Assistants by supporting campaigns like Fair Pay for GTAs. 

  • Fight the yearly rise in accommodation costs. 

  • Push to increase printing credit and reduce library fines. 



Something that King’s lacks is interaction and integration between the various faculties. I aim to build an integrated framework so that students are aware of the work other faculties are carrying out, that might be of interest to them. If elected I would:

  • Introduce a common information board with regularly updated info of all major events across various faculties and societies at each campus so that the student community is aware of and included in all the developments of King’s at large. 

  • Make it easier for societies to collaborate with faculties.



Education is a fundamental right and as flagbearers of education of the highest standard, it is our duty to ensure that education at King’s is accessible to all, regardless of race, creed, disability, sexuality or gender. Upon election, I would strive to make king’s an inclusive, hate-free space with opportunities that are equally accessible to everyone.

  • Increasing support, and having events tailored for Women in STEM. 

  • Making most areas of King’s disabled-accessible. 

  • Running campaigns modelled after “She should run” to empower disabled students to run for Officer positions. 

  • Encourage societies to host events that are inclusive of disabled students.

  • Work actively with the Widening Participation Officers to lead strategic developments to uphold unity in diversity.


If  you've read so far, I'm sure you know I'm the ONE, go ahead, Vote for Gurbaaz Gill, there's no way you'll regret it. 

I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have, reach out to me