Candidate for the position of Vice President Postgraduate (full-time, paid)

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Nafiza MAMUN

Make it count! #Vote4Nafiza


My name is Nafiza Mamun. I am currently an MSc Clinical Pharmacology student and the student representative... But... That's not where I want to end it!!!

I am running for Vice President Postgraduate. Not only that, I am running for you!

You might be thinking... Why me? Well, here you go...

1. PhD Mental Health Support Networking

PhD students tend to have a hectic timetable and do not get time for themselves. At instances where they have issues with their supervisors, they are not sure what to do. With my position, I want to change this and ensure PhD students' mental health is considered and support is provided to them, through networking events.

2. PhD Timetabling and Social Life

Similarly  they are unable to engage with many of the social and other personal development opportunities at King's, as they spend most of their time doing ridiculous hours of work. It is said that they are treated harshly like employers with insufficient holidays. I believe it is the duty of the Vice President to make a change about this as soon as possible and I want to make this change.

3. Society Trial

Often times society memberships are paid and students are not provided to try out a taster session before signing up for the society. I want to change that and I want YOU to be given to try out the society you want to sign up into and make sure you are not misspending your money, so you pay for what you truly want.

4. Job Opportunities

As a student, it is highly understandable the financial struggle students face around the university. As a VP, I will ensure there are more flexible part-time job opportunities, so YOU are able to earn that extra cash while there is no coursework or exam!

5. Lecture Capture

I will ensure the quality of lecture capture is improved across all the departments, and not only for the department with high popularity, across all the campuses; with the emphasis of Waterloo and Denmark Hill being the most isolated campus. This includes the encouragement of using better software/programmes and the encouragement of video recording.

6. UG and PG Tailored Events

I want to encourage the organisation of more events, focused on undergraduate and/or postgraduate students, individually or integrated. I want to make sure UG and PG students are able to gain the opportunity to attend more events, especially at times that can be suited across all diversities within the university. I would like to do this by incorporating more events tailored for undergraduate and postgraduate through social event and career events.

7. Transitioning from UG to PG

As a masters student, personally, I firmly believe undergraduate students should be given the opportunity and be encouraged to consider further education. As a VP I want to ensure undergraduate students are provided with well-detailed information and be given the chance to study further as a development process of their career. Not only that, I want to make sure that King's Alumni are provided with a discount upon their decision of continuing with postgraduate studies at King's as a gratitude of their loyalty. This option is already available in the following universities, so why should it not be given to King's!?

  • University of Westminster
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Essex
  • Kingston University
  • University of Brighton
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Sheffield
  • Many More!

8. Transitioning from PG to Career

Similarly, PG students are often not guided to the career pathways available to them after the completion of their course. I want to make sure there are more networking events for postgraduate students to ensure they are provided with full support of the career prospects in every department, including the isolated courses. Not only that, I want to ensure the career prospects are integrated to the course so students have an easier access to career pathways. 

9. Library Timings and Availability

There has been a great progress on the accessibility of the library across King's. Therefore, I want to increase the accessibility of the library for all students by ensuring the library is accessible for every student by increasing the time the library services are available and keeping the library open during the seasons most required by student that may important projects due, such as dissertations for July/August.


I hope this has given you an insight of my aims and remember... Make it count! #Vote4Nafiza


Yours, Nafiza