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Abdullah Khan

Better Representative, Better Representation.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Abdullah Abbas Khan, an Indian year 2 Economics and Management student. I believe whatever part of the world we hail from, we must work together, for a more inclusive, and engaging society, free from any and all sorts of discrimination. I am committed to fulfilling any and all responsibilities as the International Students Officer. After spending almost 2 years here at King's, I believe there is much work to be done to justify and increase value for the high amounts of tuition fees that we pay. Which needless to say, is MORE THAN TWO TIMES that of domestic students. I have a strict Four-Point Agenda that I intend to adhere to as your ISO. And no, 'Freezing our tuition fees' and other highly improbable promises are something that is NOT part of it!


Why vote for me? I'll get straight to the nitty-gritty here:

  • Representation experience 
  • An active member of KCLSU.
  • Bonus Reason #1: Tears stream down my face when I see almost £17,000 deducted from my bank balance every year.
  • Current Director of Incubator at Enactus King's College London.
  • Event organization experience as Director Events for more than 10 major Model United Nations across India.
  • Bonus Reason #2: 'I-SO', want to be your next 'ISO' (...SORRY. Bad joke, I know).


What I intend to accomplish? Here's my four-point agenda:

  • Introducing annual Global Villages for students to mix and socialise (We're gonna dip those Chinese almond cookies and Italian Cenci biscuits with some Pakistani Chai...mmmm.)
  • Be an engaging and available officer for any problems international students may face
  • Work with the SU to improve our international orientation by including more workshops and sessions about Accommodation and TransportationStudent friendly social spots, Physical and Mental SafetyLanguage etc.
  • Engage International Societies to make sure that they and the SU cooperate, and are aligned to host the best events for you.


I believe what sets me apart is the experience I have garnered over the years, which WILL be required in various aspects of being the ISO. I've succeeded in honouring my duties to the student community as part of a representative body at King's as much as I can. I believe International Students have never gotten their true value for money. It's time to turn the tide.

Not just a foreigner, hopefully, your next International Students Officer!

Signing off,
Your future ex ISO *wink wink*