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Hey I’m Mai, a first year Medic and I am running for NUS delegate to be YOUR voice. As a representative for KCL at the NUS conference I will support motions that focus on YOUR views at a national level. 


If elected I will vote to pass motions that address the following issues:


1. Free AND decolonised curriculum

Education should be accessible to everyone and not dependent on affordability. Amidst all the national and local issues, the main ambition of the National Union of Students is to provide free education allowing everyone to achieve their goals and aspirations without these financial barriers put in place. Alongside this, we need a curriculum that has greater representation of the diversity of our university, so that it is reflected in the faculties and curriculum as a whole. In doing this we can begin to tackle discrimination and fight misconceptions.


2. Accessible, readily available mental health services

Mental health services are available nationally however waiting times make what could be a very beneficial service lose some of its value. Since mental health is constantly changing it is crucial that services are delivered when they are needed. We also need councillors that reflect the diversity of our student body so they are able to understand issues and address them within the greater context of each individual. As NUS delegate I would like to address this in the national conference.  


3. Ethical investments

Universities have become the fuel behind apartheid and genocide. Unethical investments are made without considering the long term effects and without consideration of the views of students. For instance, the upholding of the BDS movement policy which continues to be an issue at the forefront of the NUS for many years. We should be the heart of these decisions and as your voice I will ensure this is discussed in the conference.


4. Save the NUS

The NUS is facing a severe financial crisis so as a delegate I will pass motions that help salvage the NUS from the financial shackles it currently experiences. It is important to ensure that any decisions made within the NUS are both transparent and democratic to keep students at the centre of the NUS and in doing so allowing it to continue to have a great impact that it has on universities currently. 


If there is anything else you would like discussed at the conference, please do not hesitate to email me at: or when you see me!

Here to represent your aMAIzing ideas and views to the NUS!