Candidate for the position of Mature Students' Officer

Jan Raza

The Incumbent Is Not Done Yet


  1. Spreading the mature students' influence at KCL and KCLSU.
  2. Establishing a nursery or daycare for your children as you go to classes (for students and staff).
  3. Creating support for: 
  • personal issues (including family-, children-, and work-related issues)
  • academic issues that plague mature students (including spreading study guides for people that have taken a break from and are returning to studying)
  • challenges of (re-)joining the job market after graduation

I'm your current Mature Students Officer, and I've already gotten to work on the promises I made to you last Fall. I'm standing for election once again because I believe that I can continue to serve you. I'm not done with everything that's in the pipeline already, and I am hoping to get the chance to finish everything that I've started already. There's good work being done and I'm very happy with the progress we've made.

It was an honor to represent you at the NUS Sections Conference in January, at Manchester. That experience has taught me so much, especially about the challenges that other mature students face at other universities, but also showed me the things that they already have and we lack. Unfortunately, we lag behind! I need your vote to help mitigate that inconsistency.

We've gotten started on many things, including the formerly "ambitious" idea of getting nurseries or daycares set up for your children (and those of staff members too). I'm already in touch with the family network and have spoken to KCLSU and contacted KCL as well. As I have explained in my previous election manifesto, I am hoping for this to create some peace of mind for you, while you're in class. 

I don't want to make excuses, but progress has been slow due to the Christmas holidays and the January Exams, but things are quickly gaining pace.


My previous campaign promises still stand! I hope to organize regular (fortnightly) events where mature students can socialize, and create and spread support wherever necessary.

As before, this would be advice on personal issues like familyworkbudgeting, etc., or anything related to academic life, such as study guides designed for people that have not been studying for a long time, supporting you as you get closer to graduation and (re-)joining the job market, as you may be changing your career path or field, and the competition is stiff, or anything else that plagues your mind.

I'm also keeping future mature KCL students in mind. I want there to be a bigger mature students presence at KCL Open Days and other events where prospective applicants will see that there will be support focused on the struggles that mature students may face. I'll also work to expand our influence in the KCL Student Union, so that our interests and opinions are represented, by working together with the other officers in every possible endeavor.

I need your vote and help in the future to accomplish all that we aim for!

And please get in touch with me to join my team, and help with all of our campaigns.