Candidate for the position of NUS National Conference Delegate

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Your Vision. Your Choice. Your Voice. Vote #1 for Hardik and they'll come ALIVE.

Hello folks!

My name is Hardik Agrawal, I am a 2nd year student currently pursuing Computer Science and I am standing for the position of NUS Delegate to represent King's at the national level. As an NUS delegate I seek to become your voice and represent your vision and ideas for a better university experience.

My Experience

In the past year, I have been involved in many societies and worked as a core committee member, KCL India society and KCL Diwali Charity Show Society to name a few. During the course of time I have come across a lot of problems which student body face in general and with your support I really look forward to make a change for the betterment of students at King’s. 

My Agenda

  • Brexit: There's a lot of uncertainty that Brexit has caused, I’ll strive to ensure that the education of students from the EU is not affected by the same and support all the motions that safeguard the rights of EU students in the UK.
  • International Student?? SAME!! I will leave no stone unturned to make sure that International students feel just as represented as anyone else at King’s. I will stand in solidarity with the students and fight to ensure that King’s is an inclusive place for all.
  • Affordability: I’ll try to ensure that the accommodation prices are capped and will wholeheartedly vote for the motions which supports better student discounts.
  • Satisfaction of the student community is my top priority for the entirety of my term and push for the greatest experience for everyone.
  • I will uphold freedom of speech and promote healthy debate and discussions among the students.

In the end, it is YOUR vote, it is YOUR support that will enable me to achieve YOUR betterment