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Hi everybody! My name is Shaswat Jain. I am the current President of KCL India Society and a committed and passionate member of the KCL community. My journey has been an impeccable ride and now I have an opportunity to give back to the university and its students that have shaped my existence into life. I HENCE, plan to run for President of KCLSU and I request you to put your trust in me.

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1. My experience:

  • KCL India Society President – I have led the 3rd largest student  cultural society in Europe for a year. This has been an experience that has shaped me as a leader, moulded my persona and induced an urge to be accountable to the masses. I have accepted my sense of responsibility to those I serve and accept the vitality of my role.
  • KCLSU POC officer – As an elected liberation officer, I devoted a year in serving students of ethnic minority. Comprising 33 % of the KCL family, we deserve representation and I worked for it through organising career fairs and socio-cultural events along with my initiatives during the Black History Month ranging from academic speeches to cultural celebration of our history.
  • KCLSU Ethics Committee – As an elected student officer, I analysed laws sent by students before they were processed to the trustee board. Working in a team of 8 diverse individuals and representing the grievances and ideas of 30,000+ students, I developed an analytical approach and understood the student’s wants and the need of a union that cares
  • NUS Conference – I was not elected as a delegate and yet I bore my expenses and went for the NUS conference 2018 in Glasgow to hear the voice of students. I wanted my voice to be heard and understand the unanimous challenges that we as students in the United Kingdom face. I represented the power of the student body and marked my enthusiasm to work towards the cause of us STUDENTS


2. My commitment:  

My educational and professional experiences have equipped me with a wide range of practical skills. Running one of the largest societies at KCL has boosted my confidence and allowed me to perform effectively under stress. These achievements along with having represented a group of students to the University of Witwatersrand to work on a leadership development programme has added a new dimension to my team working, organisational proficiency and innovation abilities. From coming first in my batch of 300 students to being involved in the student union and actively running a society, I have committed my 3 years to a cause and strive to continue doing so. I believe 24 hours are enough for one to maximise his potential and work for the greater cause. This commitment of mine has differentiated me and also induced me to step up and take RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY for students.

3.My passion

Being raised in challenging circumstances, I have always been taught to contribute to humanity before anything else. This drives me to make a difference with my enthusiasm and ideas. I believe in inspiring the masses with a cause that has potential to impact 1000’s of lives. This passion has shaped my competence of taking initiatives and makes me confident that I will add positively to the successful culture at King's College London and would continue to represent everyone's interests as my own!


VOTE FOR ME Because I care !!

And I’m sure if you’ve ever come across me you know how passionate I am about enhancing student experience.

I care and I believe in becoming the voice of every student at KCL. My ideas are not enough to suffice the student movement. HOWEVER, my passion to make every opinion count and every idea pursued is what makes me the right choice. From actively campaigning for other candidates to attending events from all societies, my proactivity has immersed me into an ocean of student engagement which I seek to embark on

My biggest achievement is that I have ALWAYS GONE THE EXTRA MILE to support students and will continue to do so with all my heart and energies



Activities and Development

  • Reduce the external speaker time from 15 working days to 5 working days permitting societies to host academic talks with prominent personalities who come on a very short notice.
  • Work closely and proactively with societies to understand their needs and challenges, and leverage their strengths
  • Create exceptional bar tab offers at Guy's Bar and Vault for student societies to hold socials more frequently and thus enhance the student experience
  • Create a forum for all interrelated societies to meet quarterly to thus promote collaboration and welfare among societies.
  • I will ensure that societies are more aware about KCLSU advertising spaces that are available to all societies but only 12% of the societies have used it in 2018-19
  • Disability sports: I will expand accessibility for sports and makes the student experience inclusive and dynamic. It is crucial that no disability is disregarded and we make our environment INCLUSIVE
  • Provide cheap hospitality services – I will negotiate cheaper prices and easier accessibility for KCLSU societies when requiring catering for external speaker events.


Student Welfare and Mental Health

  • Mental health – One in 4 students suffer from mental health, anxiety and depression issues. This is a fight that never stops and needs continued attention and devotion. Getting an appointment with a KCL counsellor has been a challenging experience for students. My fight is to bring more counsellors, reduce the waiting time for students and make mental health services more accessible. Most importantly, I want to support campaigns that raise awareness about the vitality of mental health
  • Prevent and Islamophobia: Through unequivocal acknowledgement of the consequences of Prevent I will continue to voice student views and raise awareness; I will organise an Anti-Prevent week and resist all kinds of Islamophobia and racism. I will campaign against university complicity in Prevent, and the monitoring of emails
  • Cultural representation: Prayer spaces and communal spaces for all major communities at Kings to ensure a sense of safety and comfort among students and a holistic and global experience at KCL. It is important that all religious communities are strongly represented at KCL.
  • LGBT rights: I would ensure that KCLSU ensures that elected officers are able to represent themselves and make their voices heard at the NUS Conference unlike this year. Carelessness should not be repeated and we as a community must advance the welfare and representation of the LGBT community.
  • Increase funding for networks - The current funding available to networks is very minimal. I will work to increase the amount of funding available to networks, so that they can host bigger and better events and represent students more actively.
  • Full-time International Students' Officer - I will explore the possibility of having a full-time International Students' Officer as a sabbatical position at KCLSU

Women Empowerment

  • #ItStopsHere: I will work with It Stops Here to raise awareness of the bystander intervention training it offers, and to encourage students to use the confidential reporting systems for sexual and other forms of harassment
  • #SheShouldRun – I would actively work with the Women’s Network to support the campaign that has received exceptional support and has strong potential to make a greater impact this year. It is time we provide platform to our female students, as well as students from other networks like lgbt and disability to have a stronger student voice on campus, not only limited to their networks


  • Lecture capture – Ensure that we have lecture capture for all modules irrespective of the size of the lecture to promote learning from home in case a student fails to attend lectures due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Fight against the continued increase in fees - I will work with the NUS and/or other student organisations to fight against rising fees and for free education
  • Intersectionality and diversity – I seek to work with the Education VP to ensure that we are diversifying the curriculum and making it inclusive for any individual irrespective of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation etc.
  • Addressing the BME Attainment Gap and racism - I will work to engage course and student representatives as well as academics in addressing the BME attainment gap and racism, both by looking at the curriculum and understanding race in the student experience.
  • Protecting students during future strikes: I will work to ensure that if strikes happen in the future, the views of KCL students are represented to both the UCU and the college, and to minimise the impact of strikes on students

Student Engagement

  • Sleeping pods - 2 pods are being installed at KCL this year. I would work to ensure that more are installed to create ideal study space for students with varying timetables and offering comfort to mature students
  • Campus representation – I would try my best to introduce activities and events at Waterloo, St. Thomas And Denmark Hill campus. It is important that WE AS A UNION, stand on true democracy and support every campus of KCL EQUALLY
  • IT challenges – I will lobby with my Education sabbatical team to ensure that no student's grades will be affected by IT challenges and problems with King's IT infrastrucure
  • Cultural celebration- I would work with the VP Activities and Development to support societies in organising a grand cultural celebration of their cultural events at KCLSU spaces to make King's a more international and diverse institution.
  • Part-time opportunities – I seek to work closely with King's Career Opportunities and ensure, that we have more part time opportunities to offer for our students. This could be achieved with a joint collaboration between the Union, the university and outside recruitment agencies; this would aid students to support their expenses at university
  • Career Support – I would strive to establish more easily accessible career counselling sessions, CV workshops and networking events with renowned firms to offer better opportunities for students studying at KCL