Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Sparsh Sehgal


How often have we thought "Maybe I can do this too"? How often do we stand back and restrict ourselves to just watch the show? 

It is time to come forward and participate; it is time all self-defined female students on campus bring out their potential to the forefront. We all have a skillset, a special talent that we possess. It is this "maybe" that we need to remove from the equation. This is the decade of revolution, revolutions like #metoo that have stirred up countries, industries and the media. It is important that we as women embrace this change and be a part of it. As the first Women's Network Officer at KCLSU, I have brought together a community of like-minded individuals as part of my campaign towards equal representation through #sheshouldrun and a step forward towards bringing our female students at the forefront though #beyourboss, spamming all over Instagram. In just 3 months, I have been able to form a core committee, a team of "Women for Change" volunteers across all campuses, a follower list of over 200 followers and 2 successful campaigns under our belt! This has been the turning point for female representation at King's. the awareness and voice generated as part of my campaigns and relentless marketing and promotion have helped us gain two societies as official members of the network and work and collaborate with plenty others to achieve a common goal of female empowerment. As I near the end of my term, I want to continue my endeavours for as long as I am a part of King's and this union. I want to bring in more societies under the umbrella organisation of our network and further my existing campaigns alongside some new ones including #letitflow and #balanceforbetter. The strong sense of female community that can be now sensed on campus needs to be sustained and taken forward! We need to come together and work in the interest of building our female community and giving everyone a fair chance and equal opportunity. We need to advance this platform, collaborate and understand and tackle more issues that need attention but are seldom brought to the forefront.

It is time women take the lead. It is time we stand up and speak. It is time we vote and let our voices be heard!