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Hello everyone, I am Nakul Patwa!

I am a 3rd Year International Management student. I have been involved in the KCL Students Union since my Day 1 at the university and was the Widening Participation Officer 2017/18 for KCLSU.  I would continue to be involved until my last day at KING’S.

I am now standing for the position of Vice President (Activities & Development) of KCLSU and would urge you to support me so we can make KCLSU the best Students Union.



After spending almost 3 years at KCL and KCLSU, I have gained world-class practical and educational experience and understood the needs of students, as a student. I aim to reach for excellence if elected as the Vice President (Activities & Development). I am confident with many ideas to implement, support and represent students and voice their opinions at KCL. I am a passionate individual and intend to increase student engagement, enhance student life and, will work hard to make KCLSU an even better place.



Created 3 Student Communities-

Family Network, Mature Students Network and First-Generation Network for these groups to have better representation which previously came under Widening Participation.

Affordable Student Accommodation-

I supported the idea of cutting accommodation cost and improving living standards by constant inspections and increased bursaries.

Women’s History Month-

I was involved in the campaign alongside the Women’s Officer- Ms. Sparsh Sehgal in Women’s History Month and supported Women’s association campaigns

Library Champion-

I was the point of contact between the students and library services. Analysed and managed a budget to spend on resources and researched the needs of students for the library services.

Global Lounge-

I supported the team which got King’s to open for the first time ever with free food, games and, activities during the Christmas break for all students who couldn’t or didn’t go home.

Interview Panellist-

Selection Committee for the CEO of King’s College London Students’ Union.                                                                                                                               

Represented the student body to interview and appoint a new CEO for the students’ union. Part of a team of 8 people including Senior Managers of HR, Sports, Digital Communications, Retail and, Operations department.

Cultural Societies-

Involved actively in KCL Cultural Societies such as KCL INDIA Society and KCL PAKISTAN Society’s cultural and traditional events.

SHINE organisation-

Mentor for secondary school students with a range of educational needs.

UK’s Department for Education

I work as a Brand Ambassador to promote its “Get into Teaching” campaign.




  • I will improve the Room Booking Timings for External Speakers’ events from the old 15-working day's policy to getting a decision in less than a week.
  • I will make the union make development fund applications more accessible for societies by providing them written/video tutorial of tips on filling out the application forms
  • I will ensure the King's venues rent out their spaces and equipment at no cost
  • For KCL ROAR KCL RADIO & KCL TV I will provide them more support by organising mentorship and training events with respective industry experts.
  • I will work to secure a single risk assessment process for KCL and KCLSU through the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION STANDING ADVISORY GROUP (FESAG)
  • I will get more Sports Trainers for Disabled Students, so KCL Sports is continued to be ACCESSIBLE & INCLUSIVE
  • KCL Catering; I will change the policy where outside food for smaller events is allowed.
  • I will attempt to organize Intercultural Events for Societies to let the students use the opportunity of having almost every culture at KCL to explore the various similarities and interests and increase their understanding and knowledge of the different cultures.
  • From my experience in Singapore, I intend to replicate organising cultural trips for various societies, to gain knowledge of different cultures in an interesting and exciting way.


  • Events for everyone! I will arrange specific postgraduate events given the success of such events at the Philosophy Bar
  • BeActive @ KCL I will work to increase the KCL Gym Hours to 24-hours currently open until 10 pm on weekdays and 6 pm on weekends so students can utilise facilities as per their time.
  • Feel like napping in the middle of classes?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tired of studying long-hours in the library?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I will add Nap-Pods around the KCL campuses for which only a few have been approved yet.
  • I will introduce special BAR TAB OFFERS at VAULT and GUYS BAR for Society’s, so they can have multiple social events.
  • I will make sure that societies promote their events through KCLSU ADVERTISING SPACES.


  • I plan to give a bigger platform to Represent Women’s Societies and help the smaller groups such as Women in Medicine who do not have proper representation at KCLSU. I ensure to make them more aware of the available funding and what they can get from KCLSU.
  • I will strive to increase engagement and increase financial and operational support for all Student Networks-

Women’s Association

International Students

LGBT+ Network

People of Colour

Family Network

Mature Students Network

First Generation Network

Through organising specific events.

My first concern will be to increase network funding and improve their representation.

  • It Stops Here!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I pledge to give my full support against all kinds of harassment at KCL and I will work hard to eradicate it. I plan to urge students who have been a victim or have witnessed harassment in KCL to report it as soon as possible and I ensure that authorities will take strict action.
  • Being a Person of Colour, I know how racism affects us and our mental health. I will make sure that students get the right support and are forwarded in the right direction to overcome and fight such problems.
  • I will fight to reduce the waiting-time for appointments with the counsellors, so anybody with Mental Health issues gets the right support at the right time.
  • BME attainment gap- I pledge to work hard to remove the BME Attainment Gap and empower students.
  • International Students- “Freeze the Fees” for every student who pays such massive amounts for a basic human right- EDUCATION.
For example- Fees for International students at King’s Business School was increased from £17,100 to over £24000. I will fight against such drastic fee increases.     
  • To address everyone’s religious needs and respect everyone’s faith, I plan to get KCL to open religious spaces for everyone, so no student feels left out and can worship their faith.
  • Prevent “PREVENT” I plan to organise Anti-Prevent week to address all issues regarding Islamophobia and raise awareness among the students. I plan to eradicate racism by ensuring no student emails are monitored.
  • Xenophobia- I will stand by you and campaign against the government policies which threatens the international students as a part of reducing immigration.
  • Homophobia & Transphobia- I will make sure that people are aware of this and can properly report issues and I will stand by the people to fight against and eradicate this completely from KCL.
  • Enhance the experience for international students and help them fight cultural shock by arranging more events and making them feel welcome at KCLSU.
  • Since I have first-hand experience of studying abroad, I plan to increase support for outgoing study abroad students in liaison with the global mobility office and make KCLSU a more welcoming place for study abroad students coming here.  

I am campaigning for you so together we can have the best experience at KCL!


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