Candidate for the position of Vice President Education (Health) (full time, paid)



Vote for your man Hannan!


Thank you for taking the time out to read my manifesto. My name is Hannan Badar and I am running to be your Vice President Education (Health). I am a 2nd year Neuroscience student and am also a BSA mentor as well as volunteering for charities . I have extensive knowledge about the workings of KCLSU, being a student trustee for the whole of this year, I have worked alongside students and KCLSU staff to gain greater knowledge of how the union actually runs as well as holding them to account.

When you elect me, I pledge to deliver on all of the below key areas:

1) Mental Health – Continue to raise awareness for mental health and build on the great work already underway by current VPEH to centralise mental health and wellbeing services. Parallel to this, I still want to push the IoPPN (a world leader in mental health research), to be integral to this strategy. The waiting times for counselling are yet to be remedied, neither their cultural incompetencies. This will be put right.

2) Assessment & Feedback – this has been a key area of contention for all students across the college. I will ensure that all feedback is given on time with detailed analysis to help students improve their work. Education is more than just the grades at the end of a module. We need to develop as highly developed learners. The education strategy is one great step in ensuring this is done uniformily. All of this, alongside the inter-disciplinarity being mooted for all programmes, it is absolutely critical for us to elect education officers who will commit to working on this. I also hope to develop a feedback system that allows students to contact their assessors more easily.

3) Extra-curricular – Kings has many opportunities that allow students to further develop their skills and their degree but these aren’t always easily accessible and not marketed as well as they could be. I will work with societies and King’s Careers to develop greater opportunities for all across all fields and sectors. I am very keen to provide greater support for finding part-time jobs instead of having the one off fair at the beginning of the year; have events throughout and be supported more directly by King’s Careers.

4) Finance – With the years of austerity and cuts to the NHS bursary and grants (recently with nurses in particular), there is one thing we can all see, students have been consistently targeted by the government. It is therefore absolutely essential we have the right leadership to lobby the government nationally for the return of grants and FREE EDUCATION. Locally, I plan to develop greater access to bursaries for both home and international students.

5) Greater student influence – I want to continue the great cohesion we have across the health schools with the 5 student associations which academically represent you. With some of the issues already occurring in some faculties with regards to lack of transparency and significance of the student voice. I want to develop the tokenistic student rep into one which is actually heard loud and clear. We have seen many decisions go without wide student input and this needs to end now.

6) Study spaces – It can get congested at specific times of the year and I will continue to campaign for and develop study spaces by working closely with our libraries. Part of this will certainly include more social and relaxed spaces of study.

7) SU presence – Continue the work with the development of KCLSU at Denmark Hill and St. Thomas. Their needs to be much greater focus around accessibility and that will be on the very top of my agenda. Also, I will continue to develop KCLSU digitally, as already started by our existing VPEH, and really demonstrate to our student body that KCLSU is here for them and here to help!