Candidate for the position of Vice President Postgraduate (full-time, paid)

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Jessica Oshodin

Vote Jessica for the best student experience for postgraduates

My name is Jessica and I’m running to be your Vice President Postgraduate officer. I am currently studying for a MSc in Neuroscience (part-time).   I’m a student ambassador and I was the PGT rep for the IoPPN Student Forum.  I’m standing for this position because I believe the student union should be run in the interests of all students. Postgraduates  make up approximately 40% of the student body but there is limited sense of community and  poor postgraduate engagement within the union. I submitted a motion to increase student union social provisions for postgraduate students and I want to carry this work on. Elect me to ensure the postgraduate  voice is audible and that postgraduate students have the best education experience whilst at King’s.

My manifesto in full:

Postgraduate community


  • Advocate for postgraduate space on Strand campus and increased postgraduate space facilities across all campuses.

  • Make the union more postgraduate friendly , for example the union has reduced opening hours over summer but  many postgraduates  work and study during summer.

  • Support fair pay for GTAs- I will build on work that has already been started to ensure GTAs are treated fairly. 

  • Establish a mentoring scheme for PGTs hoping to pursue PGR studies. Likewise for undergraduates hoping to continue their postgraduate studies at King’s.

  • Lobby the university for greater transparency on the postgraduate BME attainment gap and  for greater transparency  on the work done on the BME postgraduate experience .



  •  The personal tutor system is in need of reform - it does not provide enough support for students including postgraduates. I will lobby for robust training for personal tutors.

  • Better support for part-time students, students with dependents and caring responsibilities. These students are often overlooked which can affect their overall student experience.

  • Lobby  for better mental health provision for postgraduate students. The current counselling appointment wait of up to 12 weeks is unacceptable.


  • The cost of postgraduate study is a barrier for many people,  I will continue the excellent campaign initiated by the current sabbatical officers to lobby the university for flexible payment plans, including a third payment installment for postgraduates.

  • Campaign to scrap the postgraduate deposit fee to ensure better access to postgraduate  education. 

  • Fight  for a tuition fee freeze for postgraduate continuing students.

  • Lobby the university to introduce an alumni discount for undergraduates wanting to stay on at King’s.



  • Increase postgraduate representation and engagement in the union especially in societies and sport teams. 

  • I care about accountability. I pledge to lobby the student union to introduce a system so that students can see how much progress is being made by reps and student officers. It is important that they deliver what they said they would during their election campaigns.

  • Provide frequent feedback on the outcomes of meetings and forums. Officers sit on many boards but feedback and  the outcomes of meetings is limited.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions-