Candidate for the position of President (full-time, paid)



Ahad a dream!

I will endeavour to do all of the following:

WELFARE and Mental Health

  • Mental Health Support- lessen appointment waiting time for appointments and bring in more counsellors on all campuses. Raise awareness about mental health. Increase availability of emergency services and also liaise with all the various faculties to provide detailed information on all the support available to students.
  • Inclusion of students with disabilities:  increase disabled sports provisions and opportunities. Strive towards better accessibility for all students.
  • Affordable student accommodation: Cut costs of accommodation and improve living standards through consistent checks and higher living bursaries
  • I will work with the people of colour association to combat all forms of racism. BME attainment continues to remain an issue and will work to minimise it.

Student Experience

  • Resolving IT issues: Make sure the IT issues are dealt with and that there is more transparency with the reason for failures and updates are communicated more efficiently to students
  • Underrepresented Campuses:  improve union facilities across all underrepresented campuses particularly Denmark Hill and Waterloo and St Thomas’. Also attempt to integrate the various campuses
  • Funding: push for the college to increase bursary support for vulnerable students


I desire to bring about the change which students wish to see and any issue that my fellow students think will help the King’s student experience I will take on board and do my best to ensure that our student union puts our students first.