Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Development (full-time, paid)



Dream Big, Vote Vig

Activities and Development

Sports Clubs and Societies

  • Funding for societies: Student societies direly need a revamp of the current budgeting infrastructure. This would constitute my agenda.
  • Inclusion of Disabled students: I will galvanise King’s Sports to make enhanced provisions for Para sports including, but not limited to, wheelchair basketball and athletics.
  • Conflicting schedules bar sports enthusiasts from pooling resources and limit their synergy. I want them to be a relic of the past. Online platforms define the future!
  • I envisage the existence of a conducting channel between KCLSU and societies for the promotion of events.
  • Wednesday Afternoons should translate to ‘sports afternoons’ in King’s dictionary. I would exercise my efforts to ensure that all sports societies experience unadulterated joy by scaling down the class timings from 1pm to 12pm permanently. Rev up sporties!


  • Life starts after 6pm. Waterloo Cafeteria closes at 6pm. If you want it till 9, gimme a hell yeah!
  • Lunch Hour Student discounts: I will initiate a new campaign aimed at introducing exclusive discounts on food items during lunch hours to incentivise students to use King’s cafeterias.
  • It’s about time we realise bars need to be raised at KCLSU, including the tantalizing bar tab offer from £20 to £50 for societies and clubs to have socials in the SU bars.
  • Maintaining health and safety standards within the bars and restaurants has become a conspicuous issue at King’s over the last year. I believe it is imperative to arrange health and safety checks from an external body at least twice a year.


  • Mental Health: I will labour to curtail the waiting time for appointments by enriching the pool of counsellors. I believe that diversity is cardinal to counselling services so that students from multifarious backgrounds can be matched to counsellors who are most befitting to their individual needs. I trust that increased availability of emergency services on-campus is an issue worthy of being probed into.
  • Let’s prevent PREVENT- Through unequivocal acknowledgement of the ramifications of the Prevent law, I will exert my efforts to project student perspectives and raise awareness; I will organise Anti-Prevent week and contend all kinds of Islamophobic racism including, but not limited to, precluding staff training on this discriminatory policy and ensuring that no student emails are monitored. My ardent involvement in spearheading campaigns and protests against Islamophobia on 10 Downing Street is a compelling testament to my resolution towards deracinating bigotry.
  • “IT STOPS HERE”: I will spare no effort in upholding and potentiating “It Stops Here” campaign by raising cognizance of sexual harassment prevention on-campus, accentuating the reporting policy and flagging the ‘invisible’ sources of recourse.
  • BME attainment GAP: I pledge to do my utmost to minimise the BME attainment GAP. I will prioritise empowering students to have influence over the curriculum.
  • More Toilets with Douches: 30000 students and only 3 toilets with hand showers. Imagine the que. Students from different backgrounds prefer toilets with douches due to cultural, religious and hygienic preferences. We need to address this dearth.
  • Accessible Toilet Campaign: Many individuals are affected by ‘invisible’ chronic conditions and require accessible toilet facilities. In addition to having these facilities generously installed in the campuses, it is indispensable to raise awareness surrounding this issue.
  • Fossil Free Campaign: King’s motto is ‘to make the world a better place’. Investing heavily in fossils is a heinous dichotomy to its motto. This campaign would aim to set the direction of King’s investments in the right direction.

Improving KCLSU

  • I would work towards enhancing inter-society communication by orchestrating meetings of society leads at the dawn of each term where they present their aims.
  • I would endeavour to pep up the Student Media Centre by arranging live telecast of the Annual General Meeting and other seminal events at King’s.
  • I was part of the Trustee Board which approved the introduction of a Postgraduate Officer – the 6th sabbatical position. Having already paved a path for the amelioration of postgraduate life at King’s, I will work towards its furtherance, campaigning and securing better remuneration for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs).
  • Diversity: With a whopping 12000+ international students comprising the student body at King’s, introduction of a 7th Sabbatical Officer for International Students is more than plausible. Not only would this vitaminize diversity within the sabbatical league, it would also ensure that unalloyed attention is lent exclusively to international students.
  • Shuttle bus: With the limbs of King’s spread across 5 different disjoint campuses around the city, I would like to introduce a shuttle bus service which would serve as a ligament fostering intercampus coordination.

Improving KCL

As your next VPAD, I will work towards:

  • Supporting cleaners and staff members on campus, making sure that they receive adequate pay, fair treatment, and equal respect.
  • Promoting tutor/lecturer awareness and ensuring that there are training sessions for lecturers pertinent to intersectional issues so that they are mindful of inadvertent micro-aggressions in their discourse.
  • Introducing the much-anticipated Sleeping Pods in King’s libraries to enhance the wellbeing of students, help them relax, re-energise, sharpen concentration, bolster productivity and truncate stress levels.
  • Aggrandizing the underrepresented campuses including Denmark Hill and St Thomas’ campuses so that our union is a true representative of all fellow students. 
  • Ensuring a greater pool of funding and bursary support exists for vulnerable students with particular attention to nursing students.
  • Convincing the Careers and Employability Service to increase the opportunities for both EU and Non-EU students in securing more part-time work, global internships and graduate placements.



  • Student Trustee- I have served as the student trustee and have got a first-hand experience on how our union operates strategically as a charitable organisation.
  • Affordable student accommodation: Cut costs of accommodation and improve living standards through consistent checks and higher living bursaries.
  • Worked relentlessly as a Trustee with the other officers to get the sixth sabbatical position of VP Postgraduate.
  • Global lounge: I was a member of the team which got King’s open for the very first time with free food, games and activities DURING the Christmas break for all those students who couldn’t go back home and made sure that we are there for them even when the university is off.
  • 345 rooms for International Students in the King’s Affordable Accommodation Scheme- What goes un-noticed is the immense financial hardships international students face. The strong compassion for this matter enabled me to make the impossible possible - 345 rooms were at a subsidized price for international students from a low-income background.
  • Organised and performed successful theatrical performances with the KCL Pakistani Society
  • Organised successful international students rally at King’s College London in collaboration with the NUS.
  • My biggest achievement is that I HAVE ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS go the extra mile to support students with all my heart, energy and synergy.