Candidate for the position of Bioscience - Biochemistry First Year Representative



Hello :)

Hi everyone, my name is Fatemah and I would really like to be the academic representative for all the biochemistry students in our year.

I think that I would be the ideal candidate for this role, because, I enjoy organising information into  a clear-cut format which is easy to present and puts foward a concise message. Secondly, the opportunity to represent my peers is something which really appeals to me- as through this role I would get the opportunity to aquaint myself with some of you! Moreover, I believe that it is vital that students and staff liaise with eachother to create an enjoyable expereince for everyone- any part I can have to play in this would be an amazing opportunity for me.

My past experience includes being a subject scolar through out sixth form and being put in charge of organising large events - such as british science week. Furthermore, I have experience in chairing the school's debating society and mentored throughout my time in secondary school; all of which have contributed to my development of leadership and communication skills. I have shown great enthusiasm for my subject by partaking in multiple projects including the renowned Google Science Fair and STEM Crest Award. My dedication and determination to complete these projects is what I think would propel me forward in any role, whichI would be more than grateful to receive. 

Outside of my clear subject interests, I also enjoy practicing my German language skills -  a langaugae that is ever-decreasingly foreign to me and I have had the greatest pleasure of learning more and more about this language through my time at school and intend to keep that momnetum going. Additionally, I could be descirbed as a bit of a politician and often find myself researching more into the fundamentals of running a nation, both in-house and over seas. Furthermore, I love to read and have a minor obsession with the works of Ian Flemming and the subsequent creation of the Bond film franchise.

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto- apologies if you detect the slight signs of waffling and I hope you vote for me as your academic representative. :)