Candidate for the position of European & International Studies - 3rd Year Undergraduate Representative - BA European Politics



Here for EU



Dear Fellow Classmates,

Gaétan and I are jointly running to be your student reps during our final year. We decided to do so with the belief that we would better serve your interests together than individually. We both believe our degree has a lot of potential: we will be commited to bringing forward your feedback on the degree.


If you need any help throughout this last year, we'll be happy support you as well as we can.

Even though we are the only candidates running and submitted a joint application, we want to assure you that we will do our best to represent you in a fair manner. Of course, all contentious issues will be solved through a QMV procedure. In regards to the two years our degree went through, we will oppose to any referendum proposal.

We will support all federalist agenda that seeks to deepen EU integration through our transnational joint candicady.

Counting on your votes,

Sara & Gaétan