Candidate for the position of A&H Theology and Religious Studies - 1st Year Undergraduate Representative



The woman with a plan

Hi! My name is Zahra Hassan and I would be honored to be YOUR voice for change!


So, why should you elect me? Well,

1) I promise to listen to you and voice your concerns to make sure your beliefs are heard!

2) I love helping fellow students and am ready to tackle any instititutional or social challenge thrown our way.

3) As a woman of color and international student, I can promise you I will be inclusive of all issues you feel you're facing.

4) I have extensive experience in activism and leadership, having served various student government positions in high school.

5) I truly care about each and every one of you! 


I'd like to represent you as the A&H representative because I want to ensure that every student in our department at King's is heard and has their concerns addressed! Whenever you have a query or concern, I'll be there to help you out!

If you still feel a bit unfamiliar with me, let me tell you a bit more about myself! 

I'm currently an international first year from the U.S studying Religion, Politics, and Society. I have a great passion for human rights activism, and after my degree, I plan on working with an NGO to help refugees and orphans in war torn areas. Aside from that, I love dogs, yoga, pancakes, and travelling!

I hope you'll give me the oppurtunity to voice your concerns and represent you, peace and love!