Candidate for the position of Political Economy - 2nd Year BA/BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics Representative (Home/EU Student)



Continuing to make progress!

Hi, my name is Caio and I was your student representative for the 2016-2017 academic year. I am running to represent the PPE programme once again this year, so I thought I would use this manifesto to show what I accomplished last year as well as what I plan on doing this year if I am elected. 

Here are some of of the things I got done last year:


    • Working with my colleague Ewka, I realised from several demands by fellow students how unfair it was that our programme did not have BSc pathway. Our degree is just as quantitative as the Political Economy one, so it did not make any sense that they had that opportunity when we didn’t. Having seen that, I went on to present the proposal of a BSc pathway on the student-staff liaison committees and to argue vehemently for it.  With the help of Dr. Carmen Pavel, we then followed up on the proposal as it went up college rankings until it was finally approved and changes were made for our own academic year.


    • A similar process happened with the possibility of studying abroad. After being asked by my fellow students as to why our degree did not have this opportunity, I argued for it in SLLC meetings until it was given to us. As most of you know, our year is now the first in the PPE programme to have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad.


    • Apart from those two main accomplishments, I also dealt with a myriad of smaller issues. Using feedback from you guys on certain modules, I helped the department to change the way it teaches several 1st year subjects. On the issue of TA's for the Principle of Economics module, I got the department to make immediate amends during the last academic year but also presented the necessity for more comprehensive change. This has led to new TA’s being hired for this year’s module.



And here is what I plan on doing if I am elected:


    • Above all, I will keep on doing my job: representing you. I am not supposed to come up with ideas on my own and push them to the department as if they were what all students want. However obvious it may seem, I will to continue to REPRESENT PPE students. That is, to ask you guys what your worries/proposals/issues/ideas are and to vocalise them to the department. I will continue to argue for what the majority of our students want, even if I don’t agree with a a certain proposal.
    • In order to so, I plan to implement a fairer, more efficient and easier to use polling system through online platforms. Every two weeks, I will present possible proposals to be made in upcoming meetings and ask you guys what you think about it in a more direct way. I will then go on to argue as the majority wishes for the upcoming meeting.


At last, I would like to thank you for reading my manifesto and hope to represent you again for this academic year!

All the best, 

Caio Marques Zanforlin Gonçalves.