Candidate for the position of A&H German - 1st Year Undergraduate Representative


Wir sind die deutsche Fakultät! Wir sind KCL!

Liebe Studenten,

As the 1st Year Student Rep for the German Faculty, I will make sure that all queries, questions and informations regarding the student community of the facutly will be communicated to members of staff (and vice versa) without delay. For me, interaction is key (there’s another slogan for you...). And the more efficient and pro-active this interaction is, the better and smoother the student-staff communication will be.

Like many of my fellow students, I have only just arrived at KCL and these first few weeks have been about integrating into our new university lives and (suddenly) realising how demanding the work-load is. These are times when we start asking ourselves all sorts of questions and with some of these questions, we are not sure to whom we should direct ourselves to. As we all find out sooner or later, the answer isn't always on KEATS. In many ways, this is what being a Rep is all about: having someone who can listen to you and ask the questions for you.

Thank you for giving this a read!

Douglas Deer, 1st Year German & Music