Candidate for the position of War Studies - 1st Year Undergraduate International Relations Representative



Don't just hope for a good academic rep, vote for one! :)

Hey all! I'm Sukanya and you might recognise me from lectures, seminars, or wandering around the corridors of the Strand building wondering how the heck I can find rooms in that maze (it's impossible, honestly...) I lived in the UK until I was 14, lived the last 4 years in Boston, US and come from an Indian family-- so I know what it's like to be part of a diverse community like ours.

I'd love to represent you as your academic rep.

Why, you ask? Well, I'm organised (messing with my lists and calendars is a bad idea), extremely enthusiastic and friendly (perhaps a little too much), and I've held leadership positions before-- I was co-president of the Model UN and Latin Certamen teams in my old school, captain of the Karate team, and was a member of Youth Parliament when I was back in the UK. I'm also extremely passionate about our degree (as I'm sure we all are) and have interned at the State Senate and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

In terms of representation, I've seen what works and what doesn't-- when to be friendly and open, and when to speak up to get things done. I'm extremely smiley and friendly but when I want to get something done, I always do so.

If you vote me in to be your student rep, I'll get things done. No better way of putting it, honestly.

Have a great day peeps :)