Candidate for the position of War Studies - 1st Year Undergraduate International Relations Student Rep



Giving you the representation you deserve. So often we feel distanced from our 'representatives'. Students of all disciplines, of which IR is no exception, desire a relatable and approachable person who will hear their concerns. Too often we feel left out of the loop. This election gives you, the ambitious student in front of the screen right now, a chance to change this.

You've worked hard to get on this course and where you are today. Regardless of which educational system you undertook or which part of the world you come from, getting to such a prestigious university on such a competitive course is something to be anundantly proud of. It is in this spirit that it has dawned upon me to give you the representation you deserve. We are fresh, ambitious and ready to achieve great things, and hopefully change the world. I can be your champion in this quest by being your point of contact for any issues you may have along you're adventureous journey.

Who am I?

Coming from a multi-cultural background, representing the mass array of nationalities present among the sum of IR students is in my nature. I was born in Manchester, right here in the UK. However I am 1/4 German, 1/4 Irish and 1/2 Arab. My dad, being from Iraq and having grown up in a region tormented by war, fled to the UK many decades ago. His experiences taught me the ramifications of war and imperialism, and it was this driving force that inspired my fascination for this subject. On my maternal side, my grandad was repressed in Nazi Germany in the 1930's. It is this diverse background which will further help me cross religious and multi-national boundaries to be the leader you deserve.

My qualities

I am relatable, approachable and most importantly, cooperative in my approach. I take such a role very seriously in representing your interests and desires. I am easy to talk to, and anyone who knows me knows that I am supportive and wholefully understanding. Although this may be a common theme among candidates, I challenge you to approach me in person and get to know me in order to make an assessment on my personality on your own. I am always up for a chat! (And a McFlurry). Furthermore, I have a sense of humour and love to laugh. I have partaken in charity work for two organisations in the past and thus believe these experiences have taught me to understand people's concerns and help others. I also enjoy public speaking and debating (although I won't be doing that with you, instead I will be simply enacting your wishes and responding to any issues you may have).

Unique policies I will enact

  • Distribute emails to all students monthly asking if they have any troubles or have any suggestions to improve the subject or department - This will give you all an opportunity to give me suggestions and/or problems to take to the student general assembly
  • Give each student a voice on any changes or events - by doing that classic thing that you may or may not like, setting up a poll...

In a nutshell...

Feel under no pressure to vote for me or any other candidate, instead, vote your conscience and for who you truly find likeable. If you want an approachable, funny, but also hardworking representative, look no further. If you want a strong voice to represent your concerns at the student general assembly, while maintaining a longstanding relationship with the student body, look no further. Lastly, if you do want someone to make you idealistic promises or to simply obtain the position to further their own self-interest, do look further, because that isn't me.