Candidate for the position of War Studies - 1st Year Undergraduate International Relations Representative



Willing to serve, Ready to serve. Making sure your concerns are heard in the Student Union is essential. Vote for a caring and responsible candidate that will deliver the promises.

Hello ! Hope you guys are doing well. I am Chee Yong, an energetic and lovely young man from a country in South East Asia - Malaysia.

Having the opportunity to stand as a candidate in a democratic election is my honour. I believe that the concerns and feedback of the students about their academic studies are essential. The representatives are acting as a check and balance on how your courses are delivered and structured in a way that benefits the student community as a whole. 


After all, this is a good question.

I believe that there are many outstanding candidates out there who is much more capable than I do. Choosing anyone from the list of candidates is absolutely fine. However, PLEASE exercise your democratic right by casting your vote for the candidate that you think is the best that can serve the student community as a whole.

If you guys believe in my ability and capability to serve you, I am happy to be your representatives and to serve you all. It would be my honour to represent one of the brightest group of people in Kings College London and bring your concerns up to the Student General Assembly. 

To be frank, I have no great passion of making great changes but I will try my best to make sure that your concerns are heard and I would definitely look for the best possible solution to solve the problems. In addition, if you guys are encoutering any sort of emotional or personal issues and would like to share with me, I am happy to be your best listener to relieve your emotional stress and if possible, try to provide you with a credible solution to your problems ^_^ .


Stepping down as a Student Council                  Champion in Malaysia National Debating Competition                         Sharing session : The Future Of British Economy



A group of lovely juniors with me in my farewell party ><           One of my article in Malaysia's main stream newspaper - New Straits Times 


Alright, Thank You for reading my short statement. If you believe in me, VOTE FOR ME. I will exercise my right as your elected representative in the Student Union by assisting you all and make sure that you have a decent experience throughout your time in Kings. 

Hope you guys have a decent and wonderful election week.  ENJOY ~