Candidate for the position of War Studies - 1st Year Undergraduate International Relations Student Rep



Be the change, you wish to see in the world.

Why Me?

My Name is Aahan Upadhyaya and I am a first year student of International Relations. I am the person you share classes with or walk past in the corridors or hang out in your free time. I am someone amongst the crowd, who can express your opinions, understands your concerns.

There is the second law of thermodyanimcs called Entropy, which says world has a nature of moving towards randomness, which is the human nature. In this world of chaos, to find yourself stable leader is the key to good democracy. And I am from India which is the largest democracies in the world, and I know what impact a good leader can bring about. But it's upon to excercise their power of democracy.


An Engaging and Equal Class.

Social Interaction amongst our fellow batch mates.

Listening to you.

Solving problems if faced by anyone.


Coming to a classroom near you!

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