Candidate for the position of War Studies - 1st Year Undergraduate International Relations Representative



EXPERIENCE HONESTY DEDICATION - Representative of all, listening to everyone, Conserve the College's values and hard-working spirit.

Who Am I? 

Born overseas, in France, I went to school in Italy, Belgium and Australia before moving to London last year. I was studying Business and Mangement last year, where I was involved in the Students' Union as Hall Representative. I'm interested in politics, geography, planes (I'm a private pilot), skiing, cooking and travelling to discover new communities, cultures and peoples. 

Why Me? 

  • As it's my second first year at uni in the U.K., I know how challenging it is to adapt yourself to a new environment, educational system and, for many to a new country or even language.
  • I was involved in the Students' Union at my previous university, both as Hall Representative, as Society board member, and as Students' Union Crew. I understand and am used to work both with the educational team, the staff, the Students' Union and us, the Students. 
  • I am honest with you: the Academic Rep is here to highlights issues and to make the dialogue between Students, the College and the Academic Staff easier while ensuring we all have a great experience It is false and demagogic to tell you that the Academic Rep will change the world or the whole King's community. The Academic isn't .a NUS (National Union of Students) delegate, a KCLSU Committee member nor a Student Trustee.  
  • Choose someone who will be able to negotiate, represent, exchange with and unify the community. I'm not saying that I'm the only one able to do this, but I have a good understanding of how it works, what's the mission of the Academic Rep, and how he can achieve the wants of the ones he represents.


  • Protect and promote the current marking scheme, because effort and hard work should always pay, laziness and laxity should not. 
  • Protect the access the AKC because every student should be able to keep studying the original values of our College, which was the purpose of the creation of KCL in 1829. To protect, we will ensure that everybody will be able to be on time to the AKC lecture (no other lecture at the same time nor in another building/campus the hour before/after. 
  • Keep a close link between the Students, Revd Canon Professor Richard A. Burridge (Dean of King's College), Students Services and the Chaplaincy.