Candidate for the position of War Studies - 1st Year Undergraduate International Relations Representative



A vote for me is a vote for your own voice!

Who am I? 

I'm a half-Italian, half-Brazillian, honorary American girl studying IR and I'd like to be your representative!

What am I gonna do as student Rep? 

 As a student Representative, I'd like to aim to do exactly what the name says: represent. I'm not afraid to go up to administration to fight for you and to help make your Uni experience the best experience possible. I will aim to be the most accessible representative to you, whether in person or through facebook, e-mail. text or smoke signals. 

Why me/ Do I even know how to do this? 

I was student representative in MIddle School and High School so I'm not unfamiliar with the administrative bureaucracy. As student president, I helped change the status quo at my school by working with Administration to alter certain handbook rules to make my fellow students' lives easier. I also attented a semester long Leadership program in Idaho and Chile where I learnt a lot of communiation skillis and other skills that would be relevant and helpful to this cargo.