Candidate for the position of War Studies - 1st Year Undergraduate War Studies Student Rep


It's time to sort out the timetable.

We haven't exactly had the smoothest of starts to our year: times have changed mere hours before events are scheduled to occur, essays have been revealed at the last minute, if they were revealed at all and some of you have even had seminars dissappear from your timetable entirely, leaving you lost and confused.

If you choose to elect me as your academic representative I will do all that is in my power to ensure that this does not happen to us anymore and, more importantly, that it does not occur to those who follow us.

I will also commit myself to giving you the best academic experience possible, that you understand exactly what is required of you on this course and when it's due.

I will not, as many others inevitably do, inject partisan politics into this university. My own political opinions are irrelevant as I am merely a representative. Therefore, if you have an issue you would like me to raise, simply contact me on Facebook messenger and I will relay your concerns.

I look forward to to this opportunity to future proof this magnificent course.