Candidate for the position of Student Trustee



I've got your back, vote Malak!

Hello! My name is Malak. I'm a postgraduate student studying Politics and Contemporary History and I'm running for the role of Student Trustee!

Why me?

Well, I want to ensure KING’s is about YOU, your voices come first!

My experiences in the past include running student-led societies such as Arab society, Islamic society and Journalism society.

I have been a student representative for my course which allowed me utilise my strong communicative skills and interact socially, listening to all the quarries of my fellow students.

I also had the opportunity to represent students on a national level as an NUS delegate, bringing your issues to the national stage

My promises are...

•  Impartiality 

A union that is transparent in its decision making and processes.


A union that takes a proactive approach in making sure that the university is beneficial, accessible and fair representation for all students.

And a union that listens....

A vote for me is a vote for you. If elected, I'll make sure your voices are heard at the highest decision making level of our union.

I've got your back, so vote Malak at