Candidate for the position of A&H English - 2nd Year Undergraduate Representative



Let's make a community we all want to be a part of :)

Hi everyone! My name is Elana Hershman, and I'm that short girl that loves to eat a full meal during lectures! I've always felt that school should be a place to be comfortable, be yourself, and learn in a collaborative and warm environment. In my life, I've primarily attended small schools where everyone literally knows everyone, and that's something I've always prized. Since coming to King's, I've loved having such amazing lecturers and seminar leaders, but felt the students should have more involvement in our learning process. Having effective links between teachers and students is so important for our learning because after all, it's up to us what we get out of our degree! 

I've had a unique university experience, having started my degree in the US back in 2014 before coming to King's as a study abroad student first and then transferring in 2016. I've thus experienced different angles of university study, and I've seen King's from several lenses. Since last year, I've been a student ambassador for both international students and the English department. I've already had experience being a link between the department and those outside King's. I love King's and I love the English department-- I'm literally paid to talk about my good experiences. With love, however, comes constructive criticism. There are definitely things I would love to help change. For starters, I believe that lecture capture is a necessity in every class. Teachers should not be allowed to turn it off or delete it. It is incredibly helpful for so many students, whether as a revision tool, as an aid for those who need more time to take in the lecture, or for people unable to attend for whatever legitimate reason. I will also advocate for better policies on work submission. It is unfair that if something goes wrong with a computer or the internet, we are penalized. There should be some understanding for difficult circumstances, and more leeway for extensions. I also believe that readings should be made available at least three weeks before they will be covered in class, and that the department should provide books that cost more than 10 pounds. 

Most importantly, I want to hear from you! My goals are only the beginning of what I would aim to do as a student rep. Primarily, I would like to represent you in whatever way you want or need. If my aims are not what everyone else wants, I will find out what you do want, and put my all into making it happen. I'll send out surveys and open ended questions to gauge interest, but you can also just send me an email or come to me in person. I'm extremely approachable and love getting to know new people. If you want to talk about anything, I'm always here!

Thanks so much for reading! :)