Candidate for the position of A&H Comparative Lit - Comparative Literature with Film 1st Year Student Representative



Mind the Gap - Improve Our Journey.


With primary interest in the individual voices of each student member of the Comparative Literature Department, my plight as a student representative seeks to bridge the gap between the Department and its members. Primarily to realise your concerns and generate a discussion which will lead to action.


Having grown around multiple cultures, in various countries, I believe my strongest asset lies in my ability to effectively listen and communicate. Only in efficient and open communication can accurate understanding and actual change take effect. This is mainly what I seek to achieve as your Student Representative.


With an open mind and sociable nature, I make myself available and approachable to anyone who seeks it. In doing so, I keep an attentive ear and allow you to express whatever you feel and think.


As your student representative I will ensure your voice is taken most seriously and works toward making a change. Make sure to get your voice heard and vote now!