Candidate for the position of Student Trustee

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Cedric Dreyer

Democracy dies in darkness. I'm standing for transparency & our future.


Hello! I'm standing to be a member of the trustee board, a position that upholds the idea of 'student represenation' within KCLSU. It is a position that requires legal responsibility, integrity, and the ability to decide objectively on issues that concern the society and students in their day-to-day life at King's. It's a serious job, but exciting at the same time. 

I’m standing to be a KCLSU trustee, because I think that there is important work to be done, and that students deserve a more transparent insight into KCLSU. A trustee can provide that insight, and communicate with the student body. The trustees form the student oversight group within the KCLSU Board, who make the important decisions at KCLSU - with 5-6 intended meetings throughout a year.

A brief overview of who I am:

  1. A Second-Year Student in the Department of Political Economy. 
  2. I was originally born in Germany, but spent over 15 years of my life in the Middle East. 
    1. Cultures are diverse, faiths vary, as do people's values. KCLSU should continue to, if not work harder, to reflect that. 
  3. 1st Year Student Representative for my course (BA/BSc Political Economy). 
    1. Spent extensive amount of time talking to students. 
    2. Gained an understanding of student opinion and beliefs, listening was and is important. 
  4. On the committee for the KCL Consulting & Financial Advisory Society. 
    1. Insight into student organizations & their relationship to KCLSU. 
  5. A firm believer that King's is great because of it's students, and can become even greater with our ongoing cooperation. 

I am now going to outline my concerns, and reasons for wanting to become trustee. These are issues that bother many of us, and so presenting this voice in the board is vital. It is our collective voice.

My core concerns:

  1. Transparency on tuition & accommodation fees. To “find out what the hell is going on” – they shouldn’t rise, in fact, they should be lower. Where is the money going, and why? 
  2. Encourage a closer collaboration between Departments, KCLSU and Careers & Employability to not only boost student employability, but to make sure we’re on every firm’s radar. Our undergraduate, and postgraduate students are some of the best people firms could ask for, and they should all know that!
  3. Research. Postgraduates come to King's for their masters degree, but also to benefit from the groundbreaking research that academics at King's do. The College, and students union, shouldn't forget that. Our brilliant academic staff should have the resources to fulfil their research to the highest degree. 
  4. Student satisfaction. KCL, and KCLSU need to step up their game to solve this issue – and insight into this process, and fresh opinions, need to be on the table. 
    1. How can a global top 25 institution be the 2nd lowest in national student satisfaction? I demand answers. Our rating and reputation is falling.
  5. Technology. "King's IT" is a running joke in numerous college departments, which means there's work to be done. Departments, KCLSU, and even King's are on it. But clearly, we need to do more, and know what is being done.
    1. The college is currently on a 'corporate' subscription with the FT. As a dynamic institution, more subscription for wider audiences should be added to that list.
  6. Changing the way we do Fresher’s Fair and integrate our new students. King’s is a great community, and the way we introduce it has a huge impact. We should elaborate on it, make it clearer and less rushed, and involve our campus as much as we can. 
  7. Volunteering. Our College should work harder to build the CVs of students, and introduce more accredited schemes for our ambitious student body. There are some, but more in this sense is always better. 

Improving KCLSU:

  1. Election Participation. Increasing student involvement in KCLSU elections by working closer with lecturers to ensure you're aware, and that your voices are heard. E-mails are great, but they get deleted easily, too.
    1. Student involvement is how we can make King's what we want it to be. 
    2. Student Votes for Student Voices.
  2. Society (student organization) finance. Expediting re-imburstments, striving toward a clearer function to do this. The system currently in place is "expenses365", with which some are facing issues. We could work with King's IT on this...
  3. King's Venues, cut booking times. Societies will know that KCLSU and King's Venues (who operate the buildings) do not cooperate well. The goal here is to increase cooperation, and cut booking times and increase flexibility of booking - for both student's and societies. 

For Internationals & EU Citizens:

  1. Post-Study Visa for Internationals. KCLSU is working with NUS to return the post-study work visa for internationals, and I intend to make sure this initiative remains on track.
  2. Right to Reside for EU Graduates. It is important that King's & KCLSU maintain their stand in favor of diversity and openness - so that everyone has the opportunity to stay & work in the UK upon graduating.
  3. English Language Courses & Integration. King's has programs in place for this, we need to make sure these are perfected and maintained.  


I think those are the core messages that are vital, and that specific issues require a more detailed insight and discussion - one we can achieve with communication throughout the year, both in person or online.

I ask for your vote, and pledge to represent the student body with the utmost integrity and clarity.

Democracy dies in darkness.

I'm standing for transparency and diversity.

Vote C for Student Trustee!