Candidate for the position of A&H History - SSLC Student Chair



I'm standing for chair. How ironic.



Hello! I am Lucy (though Luc, Lu, Grimes and Grimesie work too) and I am studying an MA in Wold History and Cultures.

Firstly, let me start off with a little past experience. In my time as a student so far, I have been president of a debating society, an NUS delegate and chaired a constituency general election husting. In my working life, between my undergrad degree and now, I have also been fortunate enough to sit in on SSLC meetings from a staff point of view. I won’t patronise you by going into any of the numerous reasons why a positive relationship between the staff and student bodies are so important. I will however say that my experiences so far have enabled me to fully appreciate the significance of both the student voice and that of the staff.

Having said that, my role here is to represent you, the students of the history department and to make sure you get a fair deal out of these meetings. To make sure your voice is heard and your problems and issues are not only relayed to our academic and faculty staff but also acted upon and solved.


For now, I’ll leave it there but I’m a friendly face so if you have any questions about my manifesto, my style of chairing, my values or just about anything really, don’t hesitate to ambush me in the history dept. or in my favourite lunch spot.