Candidate for the position of A&H French - Postgraduate Taught Representative


Seize The Means Of Figuring Out What Marx Means By Alienation.

My priority as your student rep would be to ensure that our voices are all heard in the department. We're a small group in a large community, so it's important our concerns are taken seriously. As your student rep, I will ensure we communicate with the Staff of the department so that we all have the best learning experience and maybe - just maybe - figure out what Marx and Benjamin are talking about when they start all that "alienation" stuff.

My first priority as your student rep would be to ensure that we have adequate study spaces. I've spoken to some of you already and many of us have noted that there are very few Postgraduate Taught study spaces in the Virginia Woolf Building. Nearly every floor in the building has a study space of Postgraduate Research Students, but there is only one for us on the third floor which is shared with Postgraduate Research and Undergraduate Students, meaning it is often full. Although our course is a Taught course, many of us have less than six contact hours a week, meaning much of our time is taken up with reading the course material and secondary reading. Effectively, this renders us research students in many ways but, with no space in the Virginia Woolf building and the Maughan Library often full, we are unable to find a place to study. I would campaign to open up these PGR Study Spaces to both the Critical Methodologies and French Culture and Literature students so that you have a space to study and achieve the degree you deserve.

Secondly, I would ensure that I am available to all students if they have any concerns or difficulties. I will make myself available every week on Tuesdays from 6:30pm, immediately after our Research Methodologies: Reading Theory, Reading Practice seminar. If you have any worries, wish to have something communicated to the staff, or just need a chat please come and see me. If you are unavailable at this time, please contact me via email at and we can arrange a time to meet. Furthermore, I will set up a way to give feedback anonymously if you are uncomfortable meeting in person.

I served as student rep and secretary in my third year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham. This was for the English Department Third Years, so it was a big task but I relished every moment of it. During my time there, myself and another student wrote a proposal for new legislation that worked to increase the detail of modules descriptions so that students were more aware of what content a course would cover. Passing this legislation involved intimate work with both the students and staff, to ensure that each group were properly consulted and protected by the proposal. The proposal passed and is now in the process of being implemented at Birmingham. This is an example of the kind of work I would do for you: ensuring not only are your voices heard, but action is taken to guarantee you have the best possible experience at KCL.

Thanks for your attention and I hope to have your vote.

Hugh Hammond.