Candidate for the position of A&H History - SSLC Student Chair



Re-Elect Zach Hawson, the voice for all students, continuing to make the department better!

  1. Encourage greater use of lecture capture and access to materials and resources for students on KEATS. Especially for 2nd and 3rd Year Modules.  

  2. I will make sure that the department communicates with the library to ensure better availability of important texts, the library is already good on this, but with better communication it can do better.

  3. I will continue to hold consultation with my fellow students to ensure student views are conveyed in the committee and that the best ideas are put forwards. I would also use these consultations to find all the small things that are often overlooked and act to fix them.

  4. I feel that with my past experience of the SSLC (I was 1st Year Rep, 2nd Year Rep and SSLC Chair last year) I can ensure that student voices are heard and agreements reached. I have a proven record of achieving for students, last year I served as student councillor for Arts and Humanities and steered reductions in the cost of printing through council and towards final implementation by the college.  As Chair I also raised the issue of essay clustering and gained a response from the department.

  5. Finally as Chair I have acted impartially and diligently to ensure that all matters are discussed and topics covered thus facilitating the steady running of the committee.  I will continue to do so if you re-elect me.