Candidate for the position of European & International Studies - 1st Year Undergraduate Representative - BA European Studies (German)



Nicht verzagen, Marlene fragen!

Hey fellow students and friends!

My name is Marlene and I am from beautiful Vienna, Austria. My aim is to bring together our small department (pathway) and create a close-knit community. All of us have at least one thing in common: our interest in the course! So why not make use of that and try to get to know each other better?

With your commitment, so basically your vote for me - I will assure you that I'll organize get togethers (brunch before classes, post exam all you can eat feasts, and whatever we are up to!!) Also, if someone should be struggeling with German, just hit me up. I would be happy to help you anytime! :)

See you in class folks!

Marlene x