Candidate for the position of Law Forum - LLB 1st Year Representative



aka Vinny...Ahoy comrades! Let's not be afraid to demand and get from King's just as much as King's demands from us!For a rigorous,more convenient, enriching and fun student experience! This is 2017- come join the party by voting diversity in leadership!

Leadership experience( You can skip this part haha):

-I was co-editor in chief of my school magazine during which time we successfuly grew our readership into other nearby schools, and made our magazine into one of advocacy and opinionation. This gave me valuable experience in working with different stakeholders, including teachers.

- I was an avid tennis player with my highest National ranking being 691 in the Under 16 category in India.

- Worked part time teaching Drama at a school in Bombay, India ( Muktangan) over the course of last  year.

( And now for some more  important stuff.....)

Plans of Action;

1. We need more copies of E-books and normal books in the library. Some of our readings were library e-books for which there were only 3 copies. What will we do during exam month when 300 people need it at the same time? Moreover, a lot of the sources come from obscure resources, thereby making the process of learning more difficult and time in-efficient.

2. The work we are given must be hectic and tough so far as it prepares us to be great lawyers. However, as first years, we should be given enough free time to understand  the meaning of London; not just its culture and history but also the spirit of endeavour, diversity which truly makes it a city that never sleeps and a city of dreams.

3. We must lobby for a much easier,efficient and better organisation of information and communication by  the Law department, the law societies and the overall college. This includes greater coherence in areas like textbooks and upcoming events. A great university like Kings College London cannot have such a laissez faire( laidback) attitude wherein we have to waste time waiting on our Facebook wall ,of all places, for announcements to come. This will enable all of us to fully be aware and capitalise on our wonderful college's oppurtunities.

4.Most importantly, as first years, shouldn't the College help us more in adjusting to the rigours of our course, ensuring we are studying the right way? The bulk of our learning is self reading- what is our college- the source of our fees doing to help? One of my top priorities is for all students to get adequate and constructive feedback. Unfortunately the tutorials are not long enough or individualised enough. In this way, I also feel more informal, personalised contact hours should be set aside for us. There is presently an optional 1 to 1 bookable session with tutors but that needs to be liberalised in terms of being a) easier to book b) less limited in the number of times we can meet and c) the teachers should be more easily available.