Candidate for the position of LGBT+ Students' Association Committee - Campaigns and Events Rep



Hi, my name is Sophie and I'm running for the position of LGBT+ Campaigns and Events Rep! I'm a first year anatomy student and I identify as biromantic asexual. The LBGT+ community is incredibly important to me and I see it as part of my family so to have a role in it would be a huge honour.

I have only been at King's for a few weeks but I have already experienced the warmest welcome from its staff and students. This forms a key part of my campaign as through this role I will work to extend this welcome to my peers and make everyone feel included. I recently joined the KCL LGBT+ society and I hope to form a strong communication system with them to help organise events. They have already inspired me with their wide variety of activities and I will continue to follow the same ideals and ensure that there is something for everyone. This means holding events at different sites to accomodate different living situations or at different times of the day to work around schedules. 

A large part of my role will also be upholding communication with students and staff. I will attend meetings to represent the LGBT+ community and ensure that any decisions are representative of our needs. I will maintain a strong relationship with you so you can easily and anonymously raise any concerns or ideas you have that will better everyone's experiences. Outside of this I will maintain a strong relationship through forums and emails and will keep up to date with King's resources so I can support and help the best I can. 

I believe in furthering our development as students and as people through events outside of King's. Therefore, I will continually research into any potential events that may be of interest and keep all students informed. This way we can expand our knowledge and understanding and experience the way King's and London works as a whole.

For me, its also important for events to not only be a social space but also where we can learn new things. As a result, I will work with groups to organise informative events that focus on the current LGBT+ community and the challenges it faces today. This would include raising awareness of counselling services and what we can all do to help each other. 

King's should be an inclusive place where we can all grow and develop regardless of sexuality or gender. But it is important that we are represented and have a safe place to be ourselves. 

If elected, I would take on this opportunity with the enthusiam it deserves and I look forward to working with everyone to make King's as supportive and inclusive as it can be!