Candidate for the position of Bioscience - Anatomy First Year Representative



Hi, my name is Sophie and I'm running to be your Anatomy first year representative! My role would be to represent the anatomy course in the larger biosciences community. In order to achieve this, I will work towards creating a supportive academic environment throughout the year in order for us all to succeed in our studies. 

I believe that dialogue between groups should be open and honest and so I'm committed to voicing any concerns or opinions that you may have. These would be raised in the meetings organised for the bioscience students and in the wider student body. Furthermore, I will also address them to college staff and maintain a constant presence outside of organised meetings through forums and emails. 

Throughout my time in this role, I will continually seek advice from KCLSU and the college staff to be in a better position to support you. I will keep up to date with any support systems in place to better refer those who need help and work towards providing access to vital resources. We have three years to go until we finish our degree but it's important to think ahead and I will work towards providing resources to help plan our next step!

I will also work to develop communication with any relevant societies such as the Bioscience Students' Association and the course specific groups to offer any feedback and ideas that would benefit us.

I believe in furthering our development through events outside of our course in order to make the most out of our studies. Therefore, I will research into any potential events that may be of interest and keep you all up to date. 

In the end, I want our course to be student-focused and for us to be at the forefront of any decisions. Communication is key and it's vital we get our voice heard in the bioscience community!