Candidate for the position of A&H History - 1st Year Undergraduate Representative

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The idea of a composer suddenly having a terrific idea and sitting up all night to write it is nonsense. Nighttime is for sleeping. -Benjamin Britten


I would like to nominate myself as the student representative for the 1st year undergraduates of the music department!

My name is Yu Hng (its rather hard to pronounce and I'm seriously considering an English name, but regardless, its pronounced as 'you' and 'herng'). I am interested in this position mainly because I would love to interact more with my peers in the music department, and that it would hone my interpersonal skills. Plus, I really believe that in the world of music, networking is an important skill to have, and what better way to make musical friends than to be their own student rep! 

Despite my relatively short time here, I have several ideas for improvements that would greatly benefit music students not just from my own year, but from other years as well. So here are some ideas:

1) A proper piano stool for all music practice rooms. 

Every pianist deserves a good piano stool, to facilitate proper posture. Some of the chairs provided are more suited for the office or a computer table. Yes, its true that the renowned pianist Glenn Gould uses his own chair, and that he sits really low relative to the keyboard, but that shouldn't be the norm!

2) Proper maintenance for the pianos in the practice rooms.

Although many of the pianos are of good quality, even good pianos will degrade without proper care taken. For example PR3a's piano's touch is poorly maintained to the point that it cannot be used to practice. One of the Kawai grand pianos ( I can't remember which, sorry! ) really sounds good, except the D note right below middle C. Without good pianos, it would be hard not just on pianists, but voice performance majors who may need piano accompaniment heavily. I'm sure all the other instrumentalists would also appreciate a good piano accompaniment for whatever chamber works come their way that require a keyboard.

I will be honest, I am trying to peruse 'model' manifestos that I can obtain inspiration from, and a common theme I encounter is that one has to showcase his capacity for this role. Well, here we go!

I was the student conductor for my secondary school choir, which allows me to lead and understand the section that I was in charge of. Being an effective leader is not merely to act superior to his section mates, but rather to empathise and understand what difficulties they face in the music that we encounter. ( Literally 'facing the music! HAHA!). Music is a colloborative activity, a string quartet isn't a quartet without the viola! Similarly, being a representative is to understand any concerns that could potentially improve the musical journey that each one of us takes.

That's all folks!

Yours sincerely,

Ng Yu Hng

P.S. Regarding my slogan, I didn't know that Britten was such a funny chap, besides being a musical genius of course.