Candidate for the position of Women Students' Association Committee - Women's History Month Rep

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Nim Li

HIStory is also HERstory

Who am I?

Hi there! My name is Jiasui Li but I would like to go as Nim in King's. I am a first year music student with the freshers flu (I mean, you only get to be that clueless fresher once in a lifetime...) and I'm running for two posts this academic year: Women's History Month Representative and First Year Representative for Music. I want to dedicate my efforts and bring positive changes to the campus. 

Why choose me?

Tracing back to the origin of human civilization, we have always been remembering the progress of our society in the perspective of a man and often forgetting the contribution of women. As a woman, I hate this. I want my mother and grandmother to receive the respect and praises they deserve just as how my father and grandfather can easily get theirs. To erase this injustice, I would like to start from King's by using the next Women's History Month in 2018 March to remind the world how equally important women are. How equally important we are.

What I want to do

  • To represent and unite all the King's women. I would be glad to collect any complaints or suggestions from anyone in regards of the well-being of the females in King's, passing to the committee and the school administration, and find the best solution or response possible;
  • To help every King's woman in whatever way I can, except for dating advice because there is a reason I am single;
  • Mostly importantly, to organize the most awesome and unforgettable Women's History Month events you have ever seen. In 2018 March, I plan to work closely with school societies and organizations outside King's, especially the women/feminist societies, the LGBT+ society, the ethnic group societies, the religious societies, the political societies, and all the societies that focuses on an area that women have suffered gender discrimination (I am guessing that is basically every one of them...). During that month, I will be inviting guests to give speeches, holding reading groups, screening films, or any other activity, you name it.

Why I can do it

  • I am a confident public speaker and have strong communication skills as I was the Vice President of the Communication Department of the Student Union at high school;
  • I also worked as a Prefect, taking leadership and assisting the school administration;
  • I have organized many events in the past, from writing proposals and contracts, contacting sponsorship, to actual purchasing equipments and planning out;
  • I am too passionate and feminist to not put forth my agenda.


If you like my ideas, please vote for me! Every vote of yours is essential to provide me with the opportunity to help you in the future. Furthermore, please scroll up to check out my manifesto of the First Year Representative for Music. Again, if you agree with my agenda, and you are a first year music student at the same time, vote for me! If you like it but you are from another academic group, you are more than welcome to share my manifesto via any way and encourage all the King's music freshers to vote for me.