Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 1 MC Representative



For the medics, Not the few

Heya! I studied in Singapore, where I was part of the Student Council. I liaised with different house group leaders and the core committee, raising academic and welfare concerns of students, organising social projects for charities. So I would love to represent YOU in a similar capacity for an EXCITING and enriching time!! (I am truly happy to be a nominee.) 

Here's a lil something about myself: I took a gap year and taught coding to kids in a rural village in India. I was intrigued by the capabilities of human strength – I had students who walked 3 hours just to attend an hour of coding session, and some carried their younger siblings to lessons, since their parents were unavailable. This is where I developed an appreciation for working with people from all walks of life and I would like to continue this as your rep!

  • I'm extremely excited to work alongside all of you, so do say hi! I would definitely get to know ALL of you by the end of this year.
  • I'm open to feedback and criticism (my brother has ensured I’ve got loads of practice anyway)
  • I vow to raise all your concerns to the committee and promise to make tangible changes to improve your academic and welfare interests. All opinions are totally welcome! 

I will go the extra mile so that all of us HAVE FUN and it is an absolute honour to be a candidate, regardless of whether I’m elected! 

Here’s to a year of stepping out of comfort zones,


Do drop me a line at if you have any queries!