Candidate for the position of A&H History - 1st Year Undergraduate Representative

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Nim Li

A Vote For Me is A Vote For Yourself

Who am I?

Hi there! My name is Jiasui Li but I would like to go as Nim in King's. I am a first year music student with the freshers flu (I mean, you only get to be that clueless fresher once in a lifetime...) and I'm running for two posts this academic year: First Year Representative for Music and Women's History Month Representative. I want to dedicate my efforts and bring positive changes to the campus. 

Why choose me?

What I want to do

  • To be the connection between the first year music students and staff. I would be glad to collect any complaints or suggestions and pass from one to another;
  • To help everyone in this year group in whatever way I can;
  • To organize as many trips to the theatres and concerts as possible. I know this is not part of the job description but people! London is an amazing place to study music and there are always great shows going on (so often with a student discount). We should definitely go together, either it is for an academic purpose or pure pleasure.

Why I can do it

  • I am a confident public speaker and have strong communication skills as I was the Vice President of the Communication Department of the Student Union at high school;
  • I also worked as a Prefect, taking leadership and assisting the school administration;
  • I have organized many events in the past, from writing proposals and contracts, contacting sponsorship, to actual purchasing equipments and planning out;
  • I am just so excited to see how much pressure I can put on myself with at least a hundred pages of reading and hours of practicing the piano every week. I truly am.


If you like my ideas, please vote for me! Every vote of yours is essential to provide me with the opportunity to help you in the future. Furthermore, please scroll down to check out my manifesto of the Women's History Month Representative. Again, if you agree with my agenda, and you self-identify as a woman at the same time, vote for me! If you like it but self-identify as otherwise, you are more than welcome to share my manifesto via any way and encourage all the King's women to vote for me.