Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 1 MA Representative

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Arunima Batra

I believe that everyone deserves a chance to have their voice heard, however that might be. I think our year group has the potential to make some really profound changes that will improve the student community.

As a student representative for MA, I promise that I will be there to support my group through academic difficulties as well as other issues, and communicate the views that represent our student body accordingly. I am excited to take on this role and I can't wait to engage with your opinions!

I promise to...

  • Communicate the views that represent my year group to student rep meetings accordingly
  • Support and encourage our group through this year academically
  • Endeavour to make necessary changes as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Help build an fun and inclusive social community 

In the past in school I have held positions of leadership including being the representative of my tutor group, and communicated issues to my school council. I hope my past experience will help me in being the best representative I can possibly be. 

Hope you have a great day and thanks for reading :)