Candidate for the position of KCLSU Postgraduate Taught Rep



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Hi all,

My name is Sibreen and I am currently studying the Medical Ethics and Law MA at King’s and would love to be your Academic Postgraduate Representative this year.

Having been to a different university for my law degree, I have personally experienced a lack of opportunities available to me whether it was social events, receiving necessary advice in career plans or simply tackling issues I had. Although, KCL is a Russell Group university with fantastic opportunities continuously exposed to students, I feel motivated based on my previous experiences and promise to ensure that students on the postgraduate course will not face any disadvantage.

As part of my undergraduate degree in my previous university, I was an active member of the law society where I was constantly relaying student views and ensuring that student concerns were addressed; this included regular conversations with the academic staff making sure that voices were heard.

I understand the challenges students may face not having studied at KCL previously and being your representative, I want to make sure you feel at home.

Being an academic rep means that any concerns, views or opinions my peers have would lie at the heart of my role ensuring that it is relayed to the university and members of the KCLSU making suggestions of change.

As an Academic Representative, a few things I would like to concentrate on are:

  • Making sure all events and societies run smoothly side-by-side and can successfully communicate with each other to make sure all postgraduate courses have a concrete and successful start
  • I will address each student needs individually by understanding what they aim to achieve
  • I will encourage and develop student views and work alongside the university and KCLSU to improve the experience for students
  • I want to carry on updating and improving the constitution of the taught postgraduate courses
  • Ensuring that diversity is celebrated by working alongside the SU as well as the student leaders to build an inclusive student’s union
  • Making sure our events appeal to a wider range of people and be more practice focused which involves collaboration with other universities
  • Work collaboratively with other reps to achieve a positive change on behalf of the students

I understand the several challenges students can face, especially if they are new to KCL. I reassure you that I will showcase all the opportunities available to you, via social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, and encourage an integrative community at KCL and if elected, I promise to be accessible, approachable and make sure that your voices are heard.


Sibreen Rafsan