Candidate for the position of MSA - Phase 3 GSTT Cluster Rep



It's Time For Stables To Turn The Tables!

EXPERIENCE: Having been a part of GKT for 2 years I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of this community. Combining my previous experience of working in hospital as a HCA with being a dedicated member of GKT, I truly I believe I have what it takes to stand and represent fellow students in the GSTT cluster; promoting change where it is needed and striving for continued improvement of every aspect of life at GKT. Going into clinical years I feel it is more important than ever that we endeavour to refine the experience and education that we receive, and for this reason I am standing for the position of Phase 3 GSTT Cluster Rep



*Improve your academic experience and ensure every student gets the maximum benefit from teaching opportunities at GSTT*

*Work with the hospitals to improve organisation, ensuring that changes are emailed to all students as early as possible*

*Campaign for improved access to hospital sites, allowing students better access to facilities and learning resources within the cluster*

*Strive to achieve a true team spirit, ensuring that everyone within the cluster feels part of a group and does not feel isolated upon entering the clinic*

*Organise meet ups and structured sessions to allow everyone to practise clinical skills and join other firms to see cases you feel you are missing out on*

*Always being available to listen to your feedback, issues and complaints and to take those forward to the relevant staff members in order to ensure your voice is heard*


So, to make YOUR VOTE count, to ensure YOUR VOICE is heard and to ensure a (pardon the pun) stable GSTT Cluster Rep, VOTE IMOGEN STABLES