Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 2 Year 2 KCH Representative



Vote Smart. Vote Sam.


Hear the voice of action.


It has been a year since we began our journey, but our values haven’t changed.

Let us not forget that we are here at GKT….

Not only to earn our degrees - but also to do what we love.

Not only to accumulate credits - but also to collect friends and experiences.

Not only to take risks - but also to learn from our mistakes.

Not only to socialize - but also to belong.

Not only to live as students - but also to start living our dreams.

Not only to do it right - but also to do it well.


So, it's time to quit complaining - let's create change instead.

Time to move beyond persuading - let's convince instead.

Time to acquire more than power – let's acquire happiness instead.


Trust the voice of experience.


Having been a Year 1 MSA Rep, part of the Curriculum 2020 Stage 2 Planning Committee and Year 2 Block Lead, I have been actively involved in the process of transition to the new curriculum with valuable insights into the inner workings of the system which enables me to not only voice your thoughts and feelings, but also ensure that it is heard by the right people. Our determination in tackling issues such as the paperless initiative successfully resulted in the faculty granting £40 printer credit per person, which I am happy to note has been carried forward this year. It is with this perseverance, along with my past experience, that I will endeavour to express all your concerns and feedback this year too. I have absolutely loved being your Rep last year and it would be a pleasure to represent you again, for the most fun and fulfilling second year of Medicine!