Candidate for the position of A&H Comparative Lit - Postgraduate Taught Representative



Emma: Vote for Experience

Hi, I'm Emma and I'm running to be YOUR MA Student Rep this year!

Comp Lit has been close to my heart for a long time - I studied it at BA level here at KCL, and am now back for my MA! 

During my BA, I was the Student Rep for my peer group for three consecutive years, and last year, I was also the Student Chair, so I am highly experienced with how the SSLC functions, highly familiar with the academic staff (and the other student reps) that manage the SSLC, and how the SSLC can be used to enact positive change for us within the department. 

During my time as Student Rep, I've seen a lot of changes, and helped to create many too! These include: fighting for lecture capture for Comp Lit students, creating separate deadlines for coursework and dissertation (to allow for better time management, and to reduce student stress), fighting for more spaces for Comp Lit students on jointly-led modules, and seeking clarification about the Comp Lit language requirements (which are always confusing as ever)!

The great thing about the SSLC is the active input and influence that we are able to have as students - as a trustworthy and experienced Student Rep, I would be representing YOU, voicing all the queries, comments and concerns that you have as an MA student at meetings each semester, reporting back to you via the Comparative Literature Student Forum on KEATS, as well as implementing weekly emails to you, and monthly meet-and-greets so that we can all get together as a student cohort, share our opinions, and also bond a lot better! As a small course, we only get together once a week in our core module, so it would be lovely for us to socialise without the added pressure of Comp Lit theory, critical reviews and copious readings! 

I would also like to restart the Comparative Literature Society, making it a society full of exciting events/talks, a monthly book club, and most importantly, a space for students from all years to socialise and get to know one another - Comp Lit is defined by the different opinions we all share during our seminars, and I believe that having a space outside of our studies, dedicated exclusively to Comparative Literature, is vital both socially and academically

However, my ideas are only half the story - this is YOUR department too (yes, I hear the cliché, I'm sorry), so I would be here to listen to your ideas, and the way in which you want to see change within the department, whether it be wanting more dissertation support, more Comp Lit socials, or something else entirely! 

I would therefore love to stick around and be re-elected to help us achieve and change more within our department!

Emma: Vote for Experience.