Candidate for the position of A&H CMCI - MA ACM Student Representatives



let's change the world through art!

Hello everyone! 


I’m Mishelle, I’m from Mexico city and I can describe myself as a dreamer, I truly believe the youth around the world is the one that needs to face and change the problems we share. 


One of my purposes in life is to serve and make an impact in the communities I’m part of, to serve and contribute to collective purposes. Because of this, I was a student representative at my bachelors, in a university of over 360,000 students, which gave me the perspective and skills to understand a great variety of problems and also to develop solutions. 


I’ve lived in San Francisco, Paris, Brussels, Canada and now London, so I’m a nomad! 


One of my aims is to boost connections among us, not only to improve our time at King’s but also to think beyond that,  to hopefully share projects and dreams about arts around the world, that ultimately improve the places we live in. <3