Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 1 MC Representative

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Vote for MC Sami, *mic drop* Hey guys! So I’m Sami and I’m running to be your MSA Stage One MC rep. I’ve been at King’s for 3 years and will be here for another 5… approaching a decade I guess so I’m well aware of the ins and outs, the nooks and crannies of our experiences as students.

I’ll keep it super short and sweet; these are my promises to you:

1. I will ensure, without a doubt, that your academic, welfare and social needs are represented back to the core committee and chase up the core committee to see that everything is being addressed. 

2. I will work towards ensuring that your student experience as medics, is the very best it possibly can be. This would include ensuring that medics are aware of every opportunity that exists for them to enhance their practical or academic knowledge in medicine. It'd also include ensuring that your transition in becoming a medical student, is well supported, every step of the way!

3. Hold the MSA to account where needs be and voice concerns without holding back

I have previously has experience being the BSc Student Representative in 2nd and 3rd Year of my undergraduate degree where I liaised between the students and department on matters that arose. I got 3 deadlines extended (I’ve got you guys forreal) and held multiple events and socials such as, staff-student quiz nights, undergraduate ball, Q&A sessions and support events, for the benefit of students.  

I am dedicated to giving my time and effort to represent you (blood, sweat and tears, I promise you).
Vote for MC Sami, *mic drop*